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SCP Foundation nn5n offline app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 2016 ratings )
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Developer: Mykhailo Radzievskyi
4.99 USD
Current version: 5.1.9, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 23 Jul 2013
App size: 2.65 Gb

SCP Foundation DB nn5n - this is a collection of stories, for all sci-fi fans and for people who like horror experiences and also for writers, screenwriters. This is an unofficial offline database of wiki project "SCP Foundation", that allows you to read all material on your devices offline, without internet connection.

- Comfortable control of reading with Next, Previous, Random buttons;
- Black/white theme;
- Favorite option what allow save your favorite pages;
- More than 3000 pages for read;
- 3 Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese.

When you press "Random Object" button, you will open random object from list of The SCP Foundation.

Attention! SCP Foundation - is a fiction! SCP Foundation does not exist in real life. But be careful, if you are a sensitive person, please, not install this application and dont read no story from this foundation.

I opened "The SCP Foundation" for myself in summer 2012, and l was really impressed with all it. But at that time I had slow internet connection, so, l got an idea about creating this application to read all stories anytime anywhere.

From official FAO:

What is the Foundation? We are the last bastion of security in a world where natural laws rapidly break down. We are here to protect humanity from the things that go bump in the night, from people who wield power beyond mortal understanding. We are here to make the world a safer place. We are the holders of wonders, and the crafters of dreams. We are why the world continues. In the short form, were a creative writing site, devoted towards horror.

What does SCP stand for? "Special Containment Procedures". We generally go with "the Foundation". It also stands for the site motto: "Secure. Contain. Protect."

Original wiki project you can find here:
Chinese branch:
Japanese branch:

This application is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License:

Pros and cons of SCP Foundation nn5n offline app for iPhone and iPad

SCP Foundation nn5n offline app good for

This app is incredibly useful for reading SCPs. No internet required, it looks great, and it runs well. I applaud the developers.
Superb.Complete.Powefull this is the app about the SCP FOUNDATION... need an updade, please, because some picture are missing, like the SCP-106 and many more... Those who have [?]. Anyway, youre made a pure awesome job !!! Full stars lockdown initiated ! The original wikia website of the SCP foundation have an update: +1 list of SCPs, new design and stuff. Is it possiblah to have the same on your app ? Sincerely your faithfully Supervisory Agent 745
The most recent update has caused it to crash anytime I press the SCP foundation data button. Please fix the update is amazing it just crashes!

Some bad moments

I love SCPs (049 FTW!) but I dont think five dollars is worth it... So I would really give it a 3.5 for the price.
mykhailo, if you are reading this, can u pls update? (having some trouble with the search)
Its great for reading all the different articles, and the search function works really well. I just would have liked to be able to log into my account and see discussions from the app. I hope those will be available options soon.
I like it because the SCP is a real place and Almost all of these thing are real so SCP-173 real and so forth
I like reading about SCPs... But whats with SCP "the troll"? When I tap on the troll SCP it brings me back to the top! WHY?! D:
No trouble at all and it works to its core. Be sure to update it soon though, as a new list of SCPs are coming up soon.

Usually SCP Foundation nn5n offline iOS app used & searched for

scary stories, short stories, horror stories, creepy stories, and other. So, download free SCP Foundation nn5n offline .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.