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Missing SCPs

For whatever reason, the version updates do not update some articles. For example, SCP-2419 is completely different than what is current and some reclassifications to Neutralized are not reflected. Unsure if there are other apps that I can use.

Good app but lacking in certain areas

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, and I can safely say I’m wasn’t disappointed. All though there is one small problem with the app which kinda ruins it. Whenever I want to read a certain article file, the search feature only appears to we when looking up certain fiction. This is a problem for people who prefer to refer to an scp by it’s name rather than it’s number. Aside from a few of the archived entry’s, I couldn’t remember a certain scps number if wanted to.

Dayum son

Attention user, In order to review this review you just have a clearance level 4 key card, if not you are close to violating your safety. Gotta love what they did with this, now I can do anywhere and check out updates SCPs and much more, hopefully the money goes to the founders to keep the SCP wiki online. keep up the hard work. <3

Great but some pictures aren’t showing

SCP-173’s picture won’t load for some reason

Good and looks updated for the latest entries

Good and looks updated for the latest entries

Works great

Personally I love this app, almost always up to date, easy to access, and has more than just normal SCP records. It even holds SCP-Js and some random tales, a lot with doctor Bright, but that's normal X3. I would honestly recommend this app to anyone who wants the database whenever and wherever. Although it does take up a lot of space.

Recommendation for update

I absolutely love this app, but one thing that always bothered me is that everywhere there should be an apostrophe (‘) there’s a quotation mark (“) I’m sure you set up a program to get the SCPs into text form, as manually going through and copying and pasting over 3000 would be ridiculous, so maybe tweak it a bit so it doesn’t have that issue? Just a suggestion.

Amazing app

I love this app. It’s easy to use and quick to navigate, and the entire archive downloaded is perfect for when I run out of data.

But why?

The app sets there for about ten seconds before closing itself can you guys improve upon that cause otherwise it is just annoying.


It will keep on crashing on me, I just bought this app and I am very disappointed. Please fix this because I'm very excited to use your app. Thank You.

Great App

Fun to go through and read when I don’t have internet, but I do have a problem. Scp’s with long names get cut off and I can’t find a way to read them. It’s kinda annoying when I don’t know the name. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with the app. Good job!


I bout this app but it just shuts down. can you please fix this? i would love to read the scp stuff that's on this app. i wasn't happy when i realized i couldn't read anything from this app

Great app

Shows everything accurately and set up in a great manor.


The app finally started working and I already love it now. The scp stories are great and links are helpful in any confusion

Frequently Updated & Supported. Awesome!

Much respect to the developer for frequently updating this awesome app. Well worth the money.


What Foundation, these things never existed, these stories are most assuredly not real, please refrain from [Redacted] Also, this is an amazing database, the only complaint I have is that some of the articles are incomplete (SCP-001 "The Broken God" is missing its file) but they are very few and very far between.

Poorly made

I paid $4.99 for this app expecting a comprehensive, user friendly app of all SCPs. However, this app is poorly made and many links when tapped do nothing, like picking a certain hundred in a series, or when looking at higher numbered SCPs like SCP-2121. I am very disappointed and do not recommend this app to anyone.

Not worth the money ;-;

The user interface is well done, and it's an all around decent app. I like that I can access the database offline, it's just not worth it... You could just save the pages as text files.


This app is incredibly useful for reading SCPs. No internet required, it looks great, and it runs well. I applaud the developers.

With out a doubt one of the best apps ever

If you are a SCP fan like me, you need to buy this app. I love using this app more then the official website because no annoying adds, an mind-boggling amount of pages for you to read, great humor/horror/exploration for everyone, legendary SCPs like SCP-1591 and SCP-1968, a usefull favorites bar, a nice dark/light reading,and you could actually read offline. My only problem with this app is that some pictures won't load (ex: The file picture for SCP-1514-B), some pages causes you to go back to the main screen (ex: SCP-144), some sections are completely cut off (ex: half of SCP-940's description), and that pressing the back button will always send you back to the main screen (this wasn't a problem with the first version) other then that, this is a great app!

Need navigation upgrade

It nice and convenient to read all the SCP's but the navigation system is messed up. It needs to be updated but other than that, it still good

Frustrating navigation.

Great app, but the navigation is very tedious sometimes. The back arrow doesn't take you to the last page you visited. It usually takes me back to the start, or sometimes to a previously viewed SCP. This means every time I have to go through 2-3 pages before seeing the next SCP. Other than that great app.


The only thing I recommend is to lower the price to maybe $1.99-$2.99, only because it seems like a more decent price; other than that, it is amazing!

Back buttons broken

Like the new style. Much faster and efficient. But the back arrow at the bottom functions the same as the book icon, taking the user back to the SCP home. Lot more to read now!


EDIT: App has been updated, and now works with no problems! Thank you! I love this app, don't get me wrong. The SCP Foundation is one of my favorite sites. While it used to be outdated, this app was still fun to use, so you can imagine my excitement when it finally updated. The only problem now is that I'm no longer able to access the archives without the app crashing. From what I've seen, the app maker is a pretty cool guy, so hopefully he'll take care of this as soon as possible.

Update issue

Please fix! Keeps crashing when I want to open scp archives!!!! I love this app, so please fix the issue!

Love This App!!!

After the MUCH needed update, this app is AMAZING now! It's updated with all of the latest SCPs which offers MORE than enough reading content for anyone to enjoy. If I could rate it more I would. Thank you so much for the long awaited update! :D

Fantastic App

Love SCP and love now having the SCP files on my ipad that I can read whenever I want without wifi.

Used to be great, but...

I always enjoyed the convenience of the SCP wiki away from the Internet, but now it just crashes. Please fix this issue ASAP (as soon as possible.)

Love the app but

Really love the app and am happy that y'all finally got around to updating it but now when I try to get into the database the app seems to crash

Love it but now it's broken

Trying to open database but just getting a crash :/

New Update

While I'd like to see all the new entries, I can't! The options and favorite sections work fine, but whenever I try to get into the database, it crashes!

Finally Updated!

Glad to see this finally get updated, I love SCP. Needed to get the newest OS update but it seems to be working now. BTW, don't just read the SCP articles, tales can be even more awesome: Stealing Solidarity, Competitive Eschatology Cannon, Ask Lord Blackwood, Clef and Dimitri Hit the Road, etc.


I really love the foundation and think that the app is great. Especially with a new update. Sadly, since I installed the update, any time I try to access the archive, it chrashes. Im using a brand new iPad Air 2, perfect wi-fi, 20 gigs of memory left. I tried restarting, but it still crashes. I love this app, so please, fix it if you can. Thanks

Best Time Killer!

Overall, this app has kept me entertained for long hours. But, thanks to the latest update, I know the developer has not forgotten us and the app. Looking through the improvements from the update it has not only updated the article count, but a much more organized and comfortable format. I'm excited to start exploring what this update has to offer!

Gr8 App!

Worth the money, has tons of info and is freakin awesome!

Update Plz!!!

This app has almost everything it needs to be perfect. It has many, many articles I haven't read yet and I want to read them all. It would be nice to add the third series (2000-2999). Also, can you put in more joke SCPs? I loved SCP-333-J. There is also the slow search. Can you make it so that when I type, it doesn't take 7 years for the letters to appear? I also want it so that when you press enter, the keyboard goes down. On my screen I have to over scroll to see the bottom one because of the keyboard blocking my vision. All that would be nice for the next update. (It was worth the 5$)

Fair app, but please update?

I love having the ability to read all of these entries from anywhere, but I just wish it would be updated. I'd love to read the 3rd series as well. 3/5, or fair. P.S. I'd pay inapp purchase for 3rd series. $3 ish dollars.

Awesome, but an update is long overdue.

Has series 1 and part of 2. The official wiki has nearly completed the series 2 and introduced series 3 several months ago.

Good Fun

The stories range from humorous (Snails that leave range-dressing trails) to horrifying (SCP-173), but it really should be updated/bug fixed regularly for a $5 app. Only real bug I've seen so far though has been a few missing images (For example SPC-106's first image box is empty), but like I said it's got many pretty terrific stories which are just really fun to read.

Wish I had read the reviews first...

Ridiculous price to not have updated in over a year.

Very good but needs updating

I love all you've done with the app but it's simply too expensive to not be updated! I would rate this 5 stars if you got the rest of the series in and tried to update at least every few months.


I am a huge fan of SCP, but I would like it if you could update it soon.


Hasn't been updated in almost a year. NOT worth the money.


please update atleast monthly this app would make so much more I would give it a 5 but it needs series 3

Awesome app

No trouble at all and it works to its core. Be sure to update it soon though, as a new list of SCPs are coming up soon.


I like reading about SCPs... But what's with SCP "the troll"? When I tap on the troll SCP it brings me back to the top! WHY?! D:


I like it because the SCP is a real place and Almost all of these thing are real so SCP-173 real and so forth


It's great for reading all the different articles, and the search function works really well. I just would have liked to be able to log into my account and see discussions from the app. I hope those will be available options soon.

happy new years

mykhailo, if you are reading this, can u pls update? (having some trouble with the search)

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