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This app is incredibly useful for reading SCPs. No internet required, it looks great, and it runs well. I applaud the developers.

Thumbs Up

Superb.Complete.Powefull this is the app about the SCP FOUNDATION... need an updade, please, because some picture are missing, like the SCP-106 and many more... Those who have [?]. Anyway, youre made a pure awesome job !!! Full stars lockdown initiated ! The original wikia website of the SCP foundation have an update: +1 list of SCPs, new design and stuff. Is it possiblah to have the same on your app ? Sincerely your faithfully Supervisory Agent 745

Love it So Much, but...

The most recent update has caused it to crash anytime I press the SCP foundation data button. Please fix the update is amazing it just crashes!

Awesome :)

Great to have this on the go! Love reading the entries!

SCP-682 has escaped containment!

I love SCPs (049 FTW!) but I dont think five dollars is worth it... So I would really give it a 3.5 for the price.


Most inserting and coolest app ever

happy new years

mykhailo, if you are reading this, can u pls update? (having some trouble with the search)


Its great for reading all the different articles, and the search function works really well. I just would have liked to be able to log into my account and see discussions from the app. I hope those will be available options soon.


I like it because the SCP is a real place and Almost all of these thing are real so SCP-173 real and so forth


I like reading about SCPs... But whats with SCP "the troll"? When I tap on the troll SCP it brings me back to the top! WHY?! D:

Awesome app

No trouble at all and it works to its core. Be sure to update it soon though, as a new list of SCPs are coming up soon.


please update atleast monthly this app would make so much more I would give it a 5 but it needs series 3


Hasnt been updated in almost a year. NOT worth the money.


I am a huge fan of SCP, but I would like it if you could update it soon.

Very good but needs updating

I love all youve done with the app but its simply too expensive to not be updated! I would rate this 5 stars if you got the rest of the series in and tried to update at least every few months.

Wish I had read the reviews first...

Ridiculous price to not have updated in over a year.

Good Fun

The stories range from humorous (Snails that leave range-dressing trails) to horrifying (SCP-173), but it really should be updated/bug fixed regularly for a $5 app. Only real bug Ive seen so far though has been a few missing images (For example SPC-106s first image box is empty), but like I said its got many pretty terrific stories which are just really fun to read.

Awesome, but an update is long overdue.

Has series 1 and part of 2. The official wiki has nearly completed the series 2 and introduced series 3 several months ago.

Fair app, but please update?

I love having the ability to read all of these entries from anywhere, but I just wish it would be updated. Id love to read the 3rd series as well. 3/5, or fair. P.S. Id pay inapp purchase for 3rd series. $3 ish dollars.

Update Plz!!!

This app has almost everything it needs to be perfect. It has many, many articles I havent read yet and I want to read them all. It would be nice to add the third series (2000-2999). Also, can you put in more joke SCPs? I loved SCP-333-J. There is also the slow search. Can you make it so that when I type, it doesnt take 7 years for the letters to appear? I also want it so that when you press enter, the keyboard goes down. On my screen I have to over scroll to see the bottom one because of the keyboard blocking my vision. All that would be nice for the next update. (It was worth the 5$)

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